Precision Dropper Overview

At Precision Dropper we aim to promote eye health by removing barriers to taking eye medication. Did you know 60-80% of eye drop medication is wasted? This is because eye drops are 3-5 times too big for your eye and they are difficult to put in. In fact, 10-20% of the population of the US can’t put in eye drops by themselves. After 37 revisions and 2 1/2 years of prototyping, we give you Precision Dropper. Precision Dropper is a universal eye dropper adaptor that reduces the size of eye drops while also increasing the ease of use. Because of our revolutionary new eye drop delivery method, we have eliminated: the need to tilt your head back, flinching, and excess medication running down your cheek.

Contact Information

Address: 370 Buena vista Blvd unit 163