Healthzone C Corp. Overview

Healthzone is raising the seed round. It is an app for the US Patients for international care, which provides EU International Surgery services to the US Patients for the lower cost of Surgeries, it’s accessible at any time and convenient to use with much lower cost as compared to US and lesser waiting time. The Market size is USD 270 billion and we have the early mover advantage, having our potential existing network asset, superior Technology and superior Team. Healthzone developed the Technology, validated the concept and product from end users. The CEO is having 15+ years of work experience including raising the startups from the scratch and successful strategic exit from the strategic acquisition. Healthzone also received the Letter of Support from the Canadian Government designated organization after their due diligence to accelerate it in Northern America to make an impact.

Contact Information

Address: 1175 Edgewood Drive, Ogden, Utah, 84403