Biolexis Therapeutics Overview

Biolexis Therapeutics is a biotech company with a modern, chemical-biological approach to accelerating drug discovery. We utilize our proprietary wet-lab data and our empirically developed FIELDS™ technology, an AI/ML predictive platform, to enable rapid discovery and development of novel clinical candidate agents for cancers, immune-mediated, neurodegenerative, auto-immune and inflammatory indications. FIELDS™ uses laboratory-generated molecular data to train and test a set of protein structures, processed through deep learning, cutting-edge ML tools, and transformed into accurate structural models by mapping hot-spots, computing ligand properties and building accurate empirical models. Our process produces active, safe, and efficacious novel chemical entities (NCEs) while reducing costs, accelerating the timeline and increasing the probability of success in clinical trials.

Contact Information

Address: 858 S. Auto Mall Drive, Suite 102, American Fork, UT 84003