NexEos Bio Overview

NexEos Bio is focused on the treatment, life-long management, and diagnosis of patients living with chronic, eosinophil-mediated inflammatory diseases with a high unmet medical need. Years of research from leaders in eosinophil research, led to the discovery that eosinophil Major Basic Protein 1 (eMBP1), an eosinophil degranulation product, is a central mediator in eosinophil-driven inflammation. Released by activated eosinophils, eMBP1 drives inflammation and remains in target tissue much longer than eosinophils. This research has led to new discoveries and intellectual property, and forms the basis for NexEos Bio’s two research programs:

Contact Information

Address: 770 E High St. P.O. Box 1209 Pottstown, PA 19464